Abhi Mehandi & Tattoo Studio

Mehndi adorns hands with intricate elegance, a temporary art celebrating culture and tradition. Tattoos etch stories on skin, permanent marks of personal expression and identity.

About Us

Abhi Mehandi & Tattoo Studio

Abhi Mehandi & Tattoo Studio has been serving Bhiwadi for the past 15 years, offering exquisite mehndi designs and professional tattoo services. With a reputation for excellence, our studio specializes in intricate mehndi patterns that adorn hands with traditional beauty. Our skilled artists also create stunning tattoos, each telling a unique story and reflecting personal style. Over the years, we’ve become a beloved part of the community, providing top-notch artistry and friendly service to our valued customers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a permanent piece of body art, Abhi Mehandi & Tattoo Studio delivers exceptional results every time.

Our Service

Bridal Mehandi

Rajasthani Mehandi

Gujarti Mehandi

Morocon Mehandi

Arabic Mehandi

Sparkle Mehandi

Groom Mehandi

Teej Diwali Mehandi

Feet Mehandi

Abstract tattoo

Realism tattoos

Traditional tattoos

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Ground floor, legend Centra Mall Alwar by pass road, Bhiwadi 301019

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